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Brand Names
Gemcor, Lopid

Gemfibrozil Information

Gemfibrozil helps reduce triglycerides and cholesterol In the blood. Elevated levels of these types of fat in the bloodstream are associated with an increased risk of diabetes . Gemfibrozil is used together with diet to treat significant cholesterol and high cholesterol levels in people with pancreatitis.Gemfibrozil can also be used to lower the probability of heart attack, stroke, or other heart problems in people with elevated cholesterol and triglycerides who have not been helped by other treatment procedures.Gemfibrozil may also be utilized for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Used for treatment: Coronary Heart Disease, Frederickson Type IV Hypertriglyceridemia, Frederickson Type V Hypertriglyceridemia

Gemfibrozil increases the action of extrahepatic lipoprotein lipase (LL), thus increasing lipoprotein triglyceride lipolysis. It does so by triggering Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha (PPAR) ‘transcription factor ligand’, a receptor that is involved in metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, as well as adipose tissue differentiation. This gain in the synthesis of lipoprotein lipase hence increases the clearance of triglycerides. Chylomicrons are degraded, VLDLs are switched into LDLs, and LDLs are converted to HDL. This is accompanied by a slight increase in secretion of lipids into the bile and finally the intestine. Gemfibrozil also inhibits the synthesis and increases the clearance of apolipoprotein B, a carrier molecule for VLDL.

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How to use gemfibrozil

Gemfibrozil is usually taken twice daily, 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch. Follow all instructions. Don’t take this medicine in larger or smaller quantities or for longer than recommended. Gemfibrozil is just part of a treatment plan that may incorporate weight reduction, exercise, and diet. Follow your doctor’s instructions very carefully. When using gemfibrozil, you may require blood tests to check your liver work. Your kidney function may need to be tested.

Store at room temperature away from heat, moisture, and lighting.

Side Effects

  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • fatigue
  • heartburn
  • nausea
  • stomach pain


Gemfibrozil can cause difficulties when used together with the statin family of cholesterol-reducing medications, such as: lovastatin , pravastatin, simvastatin , fluvastatin, rosuvastatin , and atorvastatin All these raise the possibility of a disease known as rhabdomyolysis that when severe can lead to kidney damage and even death.

Rhabdomyolysis may occur as early as months or 3 weeks after starting combination therapy. The benefit of combining gemfibrozil with statins does not outweigh the risk of rhabdomyolysis.Gemfibrozil can increase the effect of the blood thinner, warfarin , and consequently may lead to bleeding. Patients on warfarin might need to have their doses of warfarin diminished when beginning gemfibrozil.

Gemfibrozil increases blood levels of repaglinide in individuals with diabetes. This combination ought to be avoided. If taken at the identical time Colestipol and cholestyramine decrease the absorption of gemfibrozil and reduce its effectiveness. Therefore, gemfibrozil should be administered one hour before or 4-6 hours after administering cholestyramine or colestipol.