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Brand Names
Nimotop, Nymalize

Nimodipine Information

Nimodipine is a calcium channel blocker. Nimodipine stinks Blood vessels and improves blood flow. Nimodipine is used to reduce brain damage caused by decreased blood flow to the brain caused by aneurysm , a dilated or ruptured blood vessel in the brain.Nimodipine may also be utilized for purposes apart from those listed below.

Used for treatment: Hunt and Hess Grades I-V Subarachnoid hemorrhage

Although the exact mechanism of action isn’t known, nimodipine blocks intracellular influx of calcium through voltage-dependent and receptor-operated slow calcium stations throughout the membranes of myocardial, vascular smooth muscle, and neuronal cells. Nimodipine binds specifically to L-type voltage-gated calcium channels. The inhibition of calcium ion transfer results in the inhibition of vascular smooth muscle contraction. Evidence suggests that the dilation of small cerebral resistance vessels, with a consequent increase in collateral circulation, and/or an immediate effect between the avoidance of calcium overload in mice might be liable for nimodipine’s clinical effect in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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How to use nimodipine

Follow all directions. Don’t take this medicine in smaller or bigger amounts or for longer than advised. Take nimodipine. Take this medication with a full glass of plain water. Measure liquid medicine with a unique dose-measuring spoon or medicine cup. If you don’t own a dose-measuring device, ask your pharmacist. The medicine from in the capsule could be given through an in-place nasogastric tube if the man cannot swallow the capsule .

Use a needle to make a hole in each end of the capsule, and squeeze the medicine out to an oral syringe or syringe to which a needle cannot be attached. Empty the syringe to the nasogastric tube and then wash it down. The medication shouldn’t be injected into your system, or blood pressure may resultin Gel capsules are to be taken by mouth. Your blood pressure will have to get checked often.

Your liver function may also need to get tested. You should not quit using nimodipine. Stopping suddenly may cause your illness worse. Don’t freeze. Keep each capsule from the package until you’re all set to take one.

Side Effects

  • rash
  • headache
  • slower than normal heartbeat
  • decreased blood pressure
  • nausea
  • dizziness