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Brand Names

Sertraline Information

Sertraline is a antidepressant at a group of medications known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors . Sertraline affects chemicals in the brain which may be unbalanced in individuals with allergies that are senile, or depression, anxiety, anxiety.Sertraline is used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, stress disorders, depression, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder .Sertraline may also be used for purposes.

Used for treatment: Binge Eating Disorder

The exact mechanism of action sertraline isn’t fully known, but the drug appears to selectively inhibit the reuptake of serotonin in the presynaptic membrane. This results in an increased synaptic concentration of serotonin in the CNS, which leads to numerous functional changes related to enhanced serotonergic neurotransmission. It’s suggested that these alterations are responsible for the antidepressant action observed during long term administration of antidepressants. It has also been hypothesized that obsessive-compulsive disorder is a result of the dysregulation of serotonin, because it is treated by sertraline, and also the medication corrects this imbalance.

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How to use sertraline

Follow all directions. Your dosage may sometimes change. Don’t take this medicine in smaller or bigger quantities or for longer than recommended. Sertraline may be taken with or without food. Try to take the medicine at precisely the same time each day. Sertraline’s form has to be diluted until you choose it. To be certain that that you receive the right dose, measure the liquid using all the medicine dropper provided.

Mix the dose together with 4 ounces of orange juice, ginger ale, lemon/lime soda, lemonade, or water. Do not use any other liquids to dilute the medicine. Stir and drink all of it away. To be certain that you get the dose, add a little bit more water to exactly the glass, swirl and drink right away. This medication can enable you to have a false positive drug screening test. Tell the laboratory staff that you are taking sertraline, if you give a urine sample for drug screening.

It might take up to 4 weeks before your symptoms change. Continue using the medicine and inform your doctor if your symptoms do not improve. Do not stop using sertraline or you may have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Consult your doctor the way to safely stop using sertraline. Store at room temperature away from moisture and heat.

Side Effects

  • nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea or indigestion
  • agitation
  • urinating more often
  • tremor or shaking
  • Feeling anxious or trouble sleeping
  • heavy menstrual periods
  • change in sleep habits including increased sleepiness or insomnia
  • increased sweating
  • feeling tired or fatigued
  • possible slowed growth rate and weight change. Your child’s height and weight should be monitored during treatment with sertraline.
  • urinary incontinence
  • aggressive reaction
  • See “Drug Precautions”
  • nose bleed
  • sexual problems including decreased libido and ejaculation failure
  • abnormal increase in muscle movement or agitation


All SSRIs, including Zoloft, should not be taken with some of the monoamine oxidase inhibitor class of antidepressants, such as isocarboxazid, phenelzine, tranylcypromine, selegiline, and procarbazine. Contain intravenous and linezolid methylene blue. Such combinations may lead to high blood pressure, confusion, tremor, hyperactivity, coma, and death.

Similar reactions occur when Zoloft is blended with other drugs for instance, tryptophan, St. John’s wort, meperidine, tramadol that boost dopamine within the brain. The amounts may increase in blood of Zoloft by lowering the elimination of Zoloft by the liver. Increased amounts of Zoloft may result in more side effects. The blood level of pimozide raises by 40%.

High levels of pimozide can impact electrical conduction in the heart and lead to death. Therefore, patients shouldn’t receive treatment with both pimozide and Zoloft. Through unknown mechanisms, Zoloft may increase the blood . The effect of warfarin should be monitored when Zoloft is started or stopped.