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Brand Names
Aldactazide, Aldactone, Spironol, Spironolactone Plus

Spironolactone Information

Spironolactone is a potassium-sparing diuretic That prevents the body and also keeps your potassium levels. Spironolactone is used to diagnose and cure a condition. Aldosterone is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands to help regulate the salt and water balance within your system.Fluid retention is also treated by Spironolactone In individuals with heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver, liver or a kidney disease called nephrotic syndrome.

This medication is utilised to treat or protect against hypokalemia . Spironolactone may also be used for purposes.

Used for treatment: Acne, Ascites, Congestive Heart Failure, Edema, Glomerulonephritis minimal lesion, Hirsutism, Hypertensive, Hypokalaemia, NYHA Class III Heart Failure, NYHA Class IV Heart Failure, Primary Hyperaldosteronism, Idiopathic hyperaldosteronism

Spironolactone is a specific pharmacologic antagonist of aldosterone, acting primarily through competitive binding of receptors at the aldosterone-dependent sodium-potassium exchange site in the distal convoluted renal tubule. Spironolactone causes elevated amounts of sodium and water to be excreted, while potassium is kept. Spironolactone acts like a diuretic as well as an antihypertensive drug at this mechanism. It can be given alone or with other diuretic agents which act more proximally in the renal tubule. Aldosterone interacts with a cytoplasmic mineralocorticoid receptor to enhance the expression of the Na , K -ATPase and the Na channel included with a Na K transport in the distal tubule . Spironolactone bind to this mineralcorticoid receptor, blocking the actions of aldosterone on gene expression. Aldosterone is a hormone; its own primary job is to maintain sodium and excrete potassium from the kidneys.

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How to use spironolactone

Follow all directions on your prescription label. Do not take this medicine in smaller or bigger quantities or for longer than suggested. Regular blood tests may be needed by you, while using spironolactone. This medicine can cause results with certain tests. Should you need surgery, inform the physician ahead of time which you are currently using spironolactone. You might have to quit using the medicine for a short time.

Keep using this medicine even in case you feel good if you’re being treated for high blood pressure. High blood pressure has no symptoms. You might have to use blood pressure medicine for the remainder of your life. Store at room temperature away from light, heat, and moisture.

Side Effects

  • diarrhea
  • impotence
  • bleeding after menopause
  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • fever
  • drowsiness
  • rash
  • confusion
  • tiredness
  • irregular menstruation
  • headache
  • cramping


Aldactone can reduce blood sodium levels. Excessively large blood glucose levels can lead in their heart’s rhythm. Therefore, Aldactone isn’t administered with agents that could increase blood cholesterol levels, such as magnesium supplements, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors [by way of enalapril example], indomethacin, or other potassium-sparing diuretics. Aldactone can lead to elevation of blood digoxin to levels that are toxic, requiring adjustment of the digoxin dose.

Mechanism of Action of Spironolactone